Our solutions for Universal Access are applied in residential, business and education premises, accommodation and other tourist facilities. These solutions for accessibility assist in making facilities barrier-free for all types of user including physically and sensory impaired employees, clients, suppliers, students, frail and aged people, pregnant women and parents with push chairs or small children.

Accessibility in the built environment supports and is inclusive of all persons irrespective of mobility, sensory, physical or mental capabilities.

A brief overview by our Access Consultant of the environment that identifies the basic barriers and requirements.

A more detailed assessment and report by our experienced Universal Access Consultant outlining the barriers found in the environment and possible solutions.

A comprehensive technical report by experts in the field which involves the proposed solutions.

  • At this phase we table proposed designs that incorporate statutory building regulations and international best practice standards.
  • Once signed off we facilitate the procurement process by obtaining three comparative quotations.
  • Once approved we highly recommend utilising our project management service to ensure correct installation and quality assurance.
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