Just as much as the individual impacts the environment, the environment has an impact on the individual. Our solutions for Individuals with physical impairments are tailor-made to their specific needs. Assessing the individuals physical functionality and how this integrates in their environment ensures that the clients needs are met. We work with Occupational Therapists, Case Management Companies such as The Road Accident Fund or Medical Legal ClaimFunds..

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~ Dan Formosa

We go through a vigorous survey of the home environment. Using our knowledge of the associated challenges, we apply our minds to come up with the best workable solution. We seek understanding before undertaking any changes

We draught solutions tailored to the individuals needs and plan around the potential challenges. It is an involved process of fine balancing the needs of our client and the physical environment.

We present various solutions to our clients, presenting an unbiased view of what is available in the market. The selection is always up to our client, we will use our experience and expertise to assist in the decision making process.

With years of experience and expertise we oversee the implementation of the solution to our client’s satisfaction ensuring the completion of the project

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