Stairs & Lift in One

The FlexStep is the perfect solution to conquer split levels for all wheelchair users and walking impaired people in areas with minimal space. It is the most space-saving lift on the market and at the same time it offers a design to satisfy even the most fastidious user.

FlexStep is an innovative 2-in-1 solution that transforms stairs into a platform lift for wheelchair users and walking impaired people. The FlexStep is designed to merge into the environment where it is installed. We offer numerous options to customize step in-serts and handrail types, and also balus-trades, materials and colours can be tai-lored to a perfect match. You may even supply your own flooring materials for the steps to achieve the optimal integration into your décor.

In daily use the FlexStep is a completely ordinary staircase with a classic design, which can to a great degree be adjusted to individual requirements. With a single press of a button the FlexStep transforms into a lift, which comfortably and safely raises the user to the upper level.

The FlexStep is a very safe product thanks to the many safety measures guaranteeing non-hazardous operation of the convenient platform lift. The product comprises four intelligent, synchronized engines safe-guarding a stable and safe transportation between levels, and as standard the FlexStep is furnished with all necessary safety measures.

The FlexStep is CE marked according to the EU Machinery Directive and thus meets the strictest safety regulations.

For any user, the operation is quite sim-ple. Both on the upper and lower level, the stairs can be transformed into a lift and once on the lift, the user can control the lift as required.


  • Danish product in high quality
  • Innovative, effective design
  • Indoor or outdoor installation  possible
  • Anti-crushing protection
  • No structural alterations are  necessary, just a level floor
  • Easy to integrate in both new  and existing buildings
  • Safe to use
  • Runs even during power failures


It may be a challenge to enter an old building if the entrance is situated above street level. It may also be a challenge to get from one level to the next inside the building. Our solutions are made to overcome such challenges with respect for architectural design and layout of the room.


The FlexStep can be designed and adapted according to the requirements of the architect or the builder. As standard, the FlexStep is supplied in painted steel, but steps and handrails can be adapted to match other elements of the architecture or interior design.

Straight Stairlift
The ultimate staircase solution, giving you the full use of the home you love.

  • Inertia seatbelt fitted as standard provides security and safety
  • Stairlifts also available for narrow stairs
  • 127kg maximum weight (159kg HD version)
  • Includes 12-months manufacturer guarantee

Curved Stairlift
A comfortable and reliable ride designed for any curved staircase.

  • Single stairlift rail that uses an innovative and unique to Acorn FastTrack® system
  • 120kg maximum weight
  • Includes 12-months manufacturer guarantee

Outdoor Stairlift
The perfect mobility aid to give you access to those outdoor spaces you love.

  • Comes with a weather resistant outdoor cover
  • Outdoor stairlift is fitted to the steps, not the wall
  • 127kg maximum weight
  • Includes 12-months manufacturer guarantee

LIFTKAR PTR – Powered tracked stairclimber

The Liftkar PTR is a tracked stairclimber that helps you safely convey wheelchair users up and down stairs.

The LIFTKAR PTR is a mobile unit that has been developed for operating on straight steps. Wheelchair users can now move around more freely and helpers no longer need to strain their backs on the stairs.

The extremely lightweight Liftkar PTR tracked stairclimber is impressively easy to use, has 3 speeds, acoustic and visual inclination warning as well as a range of up to 1000 steps on a single battery charge. It’s so easy – simply release two levers to dismantle the LIFTKAR PTR into two easily portable parts. The LIFTKAR PTR ensures safe handling on the stairs.

01 – controls handle unit
02 – handle unit
03 – controls base unit
04 – emergency stop
05 – backrest clamp
06 – lap belt
07 – power connector cord
08 – base unit

There are two versions of the LIFTKAR PTR available for two maximum loads.

LIFTKAR PT – Powered stairclimbers for people

Quality of life is about enjoying life to the full, together.

There are many reasons why somebody cannot manage stairs alone for a time, or permanently. For people who need assistance, Sano offers powered stairclimbers that are easy to use, safe and can be operated without excessive effort.

Reliable indoors and outdoors: Ground floor, first floor, garden, basement – with the LIFTKAR PT you can get your whole house back. And there’s more: going to the doctor’s or post office, driving by car to visit friends and relatives, travelling by plane or train, going to the theatre or an exhibition – everything becomes much easier again. A powerful battery pack, mobile charger unit (available as an accessory) and a quick-change battery pack ensure that the LIFTKAR PT is ready for action at any time.

01 – backrest
02 – battery pack
03 – robust step edge brake
04 – handle unit
05 – control panel – handle unit
06 – folding armrests
07 – climber unit

The LIFTKAR PT is available in several Models – with integrated seat for use with a wheelchair.